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Outstanding Students Honored at 2010 Tsinghua Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Outstanding Tsinghua students were honored on December 9 at the 2010 Tsinghua Scholarship Awards Ceremony in the Main Building. Ten students were awarded Tsinghua Top Grade Scholarships, 15 students received Jiang Nanxiang Scholarships, 33 students received December Ninth Scholarships, 48 students won Philobiblon Scholarships, and 374 students received Freshman Scholarships.

Tsinghua University Council Chairman Hu Heping, Tsinghua Vice President Yuan Si, Tsinghua Vice President Qiu Yong, and Tsinghua Education Foundation Chairman He Meiying attended the ceremony held by Tsinghua University Council Vice Chairperson Shi Zongkai.

Council Chairman Hu delivered a speech in which he extended his congratulations to the honorees. He noted that Tsinghua attached great importance to the cultivation of young talent and encouraged the students to be diligent, innovative, and brave, to shoulder responsibilities, and contribute to the development of the nation.

The Tsinghua undergraduate Top Grade Scholarship winners were Hu Jiazhong (Department of Physics), Guo Chengchun (School of Journalism and Communication), Che Demeng (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Chen Huiyi (School of Law), and Guo Xueying (Department of Electronic Engineering).

The graduate Top Grade Scholarship recipients were Wang Jing (Department of Materials Science and Engineering), Wang Chao (Department of Chemistry), Chang Chao (Department of Engineering Physics), Gao Xiang (School of Life Sciences), and Yuan Liping (School of Journalism and Communication).

(Photo by Guo Haijun)