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Top EE at Tsinghua University

The Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University is internationally recognized as an accredit department in electronic engineering research and education. Strongly supported by the government and the industry.

Founded and based at Tsinghua EE department, partner up with the several universities in the world, Top EE is abbreviation of “Tsinghua Overseas Students Program in the field of Electronic Engineering”. The program mission is to provide students with the world-class study and research experiences while having choice of earning industrial internship in a multi-culture environment.  The Program is an exciting and rigorous exchange program that immerses students in the classrooms, most advanced research laboratories and cutting-edge technological firms. Subject to students not only meeting the high academic standard from universities but groom them to be the leader in the years to come.

Top EE welcomes students enrolled in universities all over the world to spend a semester or 6-8 months studying at Tsinghua EE department with world-class teaching and research.

Undergraduate participants will be enrolled in full-time, non-degree, undergraduate course work chosen from the department existing curriculum. You will be required to take 4-credit course, including 2 degree-required courses, 1 Chinese culture course and 1 undergraduate research training. Extra stay up to 8 weeks can be expected after the semester for industry intern.

In addition to enrollment in courses at university participants can expect an in-depth exposure to China society, culture, and academic institutions, all in the rich cultural and historical setting of Beijing, the capital city of China.

SRP (Student Research Training Project) Focus Areas:

        Information Optoelectronic Technology  


        Information System   

        Information Cognition & Intelligent System   

        Circuits & Systems   

SRP Tsinghua EE Faculty   

Eligibility for the Top EE:

You should consider applying to the Top EE program if you:

        Are currently enrolled in full-time, undergraduate study with a major of electronic engineering or related

        Have a strong academic and personal record at your current university

How to Apply

Admission to the TOP EE program is offered twice per year. Students can apply to start in the fall or the spring semester. Application must be submitted 3 months before the visiting semester. An application to this program requires:


        At least two letters of recommendation from professor of your current department

        Official secondary school transcript

        Official university transcript

Financial Issues

Free tuition

On-campus residence

Stipend might be offered depending on circumstances

Application Is Now Open!

Contact us as yiningguo@tsinghua.edu.cn or +86-10-62783053