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  • There are three stages in the development of our department: 1952—1966, 1966—1978, and 1978 till now

    September 1952, Radio Engineering Department of Tsinghua University was founded. The precursor was Telecommunications Group of Electrical Engineering Department founded in 1932.Faculties in Universities and Colleges of China was regulated. In 1952,Telecommunications Group of Electrical Engineering Department in Tsinghua and Telecommunications Group of Electrical Engineering Department in Peking University Engineering Institute was constituted then Tsinghua University Radio Engineering Department was build. The chairman was Pro. Zhaoying MENG and the Vice Chairman was Jiong CHANG. The teachers' branch of Party was build in 1953 winter and the secretary was Chuanxin LI.

    From 1952,Nanxiang JIANG had been the headmaster of Tsinghua. He paid attention to Radio Engineering Department. He invited the officers of. The policy that should serve for development of electronic industry was confirmed. And industry department would support build and development of Radio Engineering Department.

    At the beginning of department founded, there were 15 teachers, 5 workers and 3 grades about one hundred students. The staff had united and done pioneering work. A cours--The Foundation of radio-had been created, and published two teaching materials of soviet, < The Foundation of radio> and . This was the first time that soviet teaching materials of radio engineering had been published in China. Chinese Academy of Science established some parts in 1955. Pro. Zhaoying Meng was engaged a committee member of Technical Science Part.

    From 1956 to 1957, some teachers and students in our department took part in the build of first TV station in China. This was the beginning that scientific works of department served for national economy.

    In 1958, Chuanxin LI managed work of department then was appointed chairman. The department's name changed for Radio and Electronics Department. The first grade students graduated in the same year, and teaching program had already been executed. Most teachers and students enter factories. They took part in foundation of electron factories and practice of production that was included by first five years plan.

    After that, teaching, researching and production had been combined. The department came in a developing time. The communication with industrial circles and other field of science and technology had been close, then had got their supports.

    In 1963, Tsinghua and the tenth research part of the fourth machine ministry established Radio and Electronics lab. in Radio and Electronics Department. The tenth part selected research projects and provided spending. Young researchers in it also attended lab. works. In 1960s' early, it came into being some research orientations including digicom, television, microwave technique, device of microwave electron, vacuum technique and semiconductor device. It recruited postgraduate again at that time.

    From 1952 to 1965 there were 3089 students and 96 postgraduates had been recruited. There were 1200 students in the department up to 1966.

    In the decade from 1956 to 1966, some projects that were banner inland including data of inputting system, 600/1200 baud sending machine, 8 route PCM communication terminal, 3cm cycle magnetic field focus broadband little power travelling wave tube and 10cm solid low noise parameter amplifier had been finished. Firstly we start to make silicon transistor and study integrated circuit in China. After the beginning of "civilization revolution" in 1966, the conditions were very hard. Some teachers give lessons to the students, and some research group also work in lab. or in cooperation lab..

  • There are three stages in the development of our department: 1952—1966, 1966—1978, and 1978 till now

    From 1969 to 1971 most part of Radio and Electronics Department was moved to Mianyang county Sichuan province, and became principal part of Tsinghua University Mianyang Branch. Students were recruited in 1970. The main capital construction of the branch was finished in 1972. Under the hard conditions of blocked information, short of materials, frequent campaign and hard living, the staff had been working hard and train person. Research developed, some achievement was obtained in the field of air traffic control microwave digicom system, grouped route sending machine, high-power cross field amplifier tube, field effect transistor and microwave transistor. The department collaborated with some emphasis factory in Sichuan province and built good relationship; a lot of skill key members were trained for them.

    In May 1977, Da LIU was the headmaster of Tsinghua. Under the ratification of Xiaoping DENG and perspiration of old headmaster Nanxiang JIANG and him, Tsinghua University Mianyang Branch was removed, then it was moved back to Beijing. Radio and Electronics Department recovered in Tsinghua. This work was finished in May 1979.

  • There are three stages in the development of our department: 1952—1966, 1966—1978, and 1978 till now
    1978 till now

    The rebuilding of the department started at 1978. Chuanxin LI was the chairman and Xutan ZHANG was secretary of the Party. Students recruited in the campus from 1978. The work of the department was not interrupted in the two years of moving. Because of the fast development of microelectronic technique and integer of Tsinghua, a decision was made. Tsinghua University Microsystem Electronics Research Lab. was founded on the base of semiconductor device and physics group and laboratory shop of the department; the system of the research lab. was independent. Students of undergraduate course still in the Radio and Electronics Department, teached by the department and the research lab.. The postgraduate have been taught independent by the research lab. from 1992. According to the development of world electron science & engineering and national economy of our country, the department has confirmed five orientation of subjects: high speed, actual time & multidimensioned information & signal processing; digicom & optical communication; special purposed integrated circuit and design & use of integration system; information optoelectronics & integration optoelectronics; minuteness machining and minuteness detection & analytic technique. The teaching program & content have been regulate in large extent. The field of subjects has been expand and content of subject has been update.

    When Professor Youshou WU, Keqian ZHANG were chairman and Runsheng LIU, Jianping JIANG were secretary of the Party, under the hard work of the staff and guideline "one root, two core, three combination" and "emphasized improvement, developing in improvement" of Tsinghua, the department has got ahead in various fields of teaching, research, development, lab. construction, management of students and training teachers. Over 100 courses including subject foundation course & subject course of undergraduate student and postgraduate course has been started. About 100 teaching material & monograph has been published. , and was appraised national excellence teaching material.

    "Series course of electronic circuit", "signal & system", "principium of laser" was appraised first level course of the university. In the last decade. Over 300 achievements of high scientific research was gained including first prize of national invention-adaping & digitelectricity controlled non-phase frequency fast-changed system. And there are 14 national encouragements, 144 ministries and commissions encouragements and 48 authorization patents.

    Gone with the development of reform and open, it has been developed that teaching & researching were combined with production. Some groups have formed stable cooperation with enterprises and companies outside campus. The research & development entity of "teaching, study & production combined has been formed.

    The 5th chairman Zaiwang DONG

    The wide international learning connection has been established. There are about 200 people to take part in international learning conference, observe & study abroad or attend in advanced international studies. And about 300 foreign experts give lectures or visit the department.

    The 6th chairman Ke GONG

    The department has about 4200 instruments & equipments, and has over 100 large or precision instruments. They amount to RMB 40,000,000. There are 1 national emphasis open research lab., 1 school research lab., 1 lab. founded by 14 electron factories and 10 department lab..

    We sets 3 undergraduate course subjects and 5 postgraduate subjects of which the master & doctor's degree award right were had. The subjects communication & electron system and physics & optoelectronics have been appraised nation emphasis subjects. It also sets a flowage station of after-doctor of the subject communication & electron system.

    In 1989, the name of the department hanged to the Department of Electronics Engineering because the research areas can not be covered by "wireless". But the connotation doesn't change.

    Looking future, we are full of confidence. Department of Electronics Engineering will keep abreast of the development of world electron science & technology; the department will train elitists for nation electron science & technology and will give contribution to make Tsinghua a high-class in world socialist university that have china characteristic.

    Department chairs till now:

  • 1952—1966
  • 1966—1978
  • 1978 till now