About EE

Started from the Telecom Division founded in 1932 in the Electrical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, the Electronic Engineering Department was formally established in 1952, originally named as Radio Engineering Department, and successively renamed as Radio and Electronics Department in 1958, and the current name of Electronic Engineering Department in 1989. Since its foundation, by the efforts of our faculty and students, two national key first-level disciplines, namely Electronic Sciences and Technology and Information and Communication Engineering, were constituted, which cover the fields of study including Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics, Circuits and Systems, Electro-Magnetic Field and Micro-wave Technology, Communication and Information Systems, Signal and Information Processing, and Complex Systems and Network, and compose the most complete and comprehensive disciplines in electronic engineering in China. Complete programs of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy were also accordingly set up while a new curriculum covering the basic knowledge and core concepts of both first-level disciplines was constructed. More than ten thousands of students have graduated and contributed to the social progress of China and the world-wide development in relevant fields. Along with the development of our Department, a style of integration between science and engineering, stress on both teaching and research, spirits of being rigorous, diligent, practical, and creative, as well as culture of preserving solidarity, pragmatism, academic liberty, and excellence have been formed and inherited.

The discipline of Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, Electronic Information Science and Technology (EIST), is rooted in the solid foundation of physics and mathematics, and studies the principles of information representation and control in electronic forms, and the methodology of implementing electronic systems. In the present days of electronic information age,EIST has permeated into all areas. We will positively explore new research fields at foundation of own advantages in the information domain, seeking a broad space for innovation by merging EIST into energy, environment, biology, and other disciplines.

The Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University commits to cultivating outstanding students, and providing fine research outcomes to the country and the international society, by combining our cutting-edge research together with national and industrial requirements as well as student education. In order to meet the needs of university development and state construction, our goal is to build a first class electronic engineering discipline in the world. We will do our best to play a key role from basic research to innovation in the relevant fields in China, and change our position in some fields, from a “follower” to a “leader”. To achieve this goal, we are making our efforts to consolidate a benign academic ecological environment, improve our management, construct platform for scientific research, and enhance domestic/international academic exchange. Through these measures, we strive for establishing a discipline of Electronic Engineering among the top-tier universities in the world.