Lab List 2018
There are six research institutes in the department. Each institute consists of several research labs. This list is not a complete one, and will be updated whenever necessary.
Institute of Information Optoelectronic Technology

(1) Optical fiber transmission Lab

(2) Integrated Optoelectronics Lab

(3) Nano-Optoelectronics Lab

(4) Micro/nano-Optoelectronics Lab

Institute of Communication

(1) Future Internet & communication lab

(2) Optical wireless information system lab

Institute of Circuits and Systems

(1) Circuits and Systems lab

Institute of Information System

(1) Radar and array signal processing lab

(2) Satellite navigation lab

(3) Complex system lab

Institute of Microwave and Antenna

(1) Microwave and antenna lab

Institute of Information Cognition and Intelligent System

(1) Multimedia Signal and Intelligent Information Processing lab

(2) Next generation network lab

(3) 3D image lab

(4) Visual computing lab

(5) Image engineering lab