Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Education Programs

Major 1: Electronics Information Engineering

Electronics Information Engineering is one of the important basis and backbone of the information industry. With Circuit and System, Signal and Information Processing, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology as basic theory, the fields of research cover processing and exchange of various sources of signals such as voice, words, images and remote sensing, also the transmission and exchange of these signals through cable, optic cable or by wireless, and so various kinds of electronic and information systems are being studied and developed.

The main fields of this Major are:

1 Theories and technologies for information processing, transmission, exchanges, detections, and various telecom systems and networks.

2 Circuit theory, design and applications of the electronic systems, theories and technologies for system simulation and IC design automation.

3 Theories and technologies of microwave antenna and electromagnetic compatibility.

4 Application technologies of electronic circuit, computer, information processing and electromagnetic wave.

There are two state-key labs and one EDA lab founded for the Major; the state-key labs are:

Microwave and Digital Communication State-Key Lab; Intelligent Graphics Sub-Lab of the Intelligent Technology and System State-Key Lab. There are also many advance instruments and facilities for education and research. Careers prospects for the students of this program: research and teaching in information processing, transmission, exchanges and detection technique; research, production and application of electronic equipment and system; research, application, and development in electronic technology and computer technology; research, application, and development in micro-wave technology.

Major 2: Electronics Science and Technology

Electronics Science and Technology is a very advance discipline of information science technology, with modern physics and mathematics as foundation to research the formation of electromagnetic waves, their movement and rules of interaction while spreading in different media. It is applied to invent and develop various information electronic materials, device, IC and integrated electronic systems. The Electronic Science and Technology major consists of two research fields: Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics, and Microelectronics.

The main fields of Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics are:

1 Information optoelectronics and photon device.

2 Optical fiber communication system and application technology of networks.

3 New display device and new electronic-optic film material and device.

4 Fine technology and the evaluation and detective technique of information optical electronic material.

5 The application technology of electronic circuit and the application technology of computer.

The main fields of Microelectronics are:

1 Research, design and application of LSI, VLSI circuits and integrated systems.

2 The research and application of various semi-conductor device, microelectronic mechanical systems.

3 The fabrication of sub-micro-meter and deep sub-micro-meter integrated circuit.

4 IC CAD technology and testing methodologies.

There are State-Key-Joint-Laboratory on Integrated Optoeletronics (Tsinghua Section), Super-clean Process Line and Electronic System Integration and ASIC technology Research Center in this major.

Careers for students of this major: research, instruction and related technology development and applications for photoelectronics, physical electronics and microelectronics; as well as research, design, manufacture and development of optical communication, optical sensor, information display system, IC CAD, integrated electronic system.