Associate Professor

Xiaofeng ZHONG, Ph.D. Lecturer

Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Tel: +86-10-62781389

Fax: +86-10-62794256



Education background

Ph.D., Electronic Engineering, Jan. 2005Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, June 2000Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


03/2008-present Lecture and Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University.

03/2005-03/2008 Assistant Researcher, Tsinghua National Laboratory of Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.

Concurrent Academic


Modern Communication Theory (2008~present)


Ad Hoc Network and Technology (2005~present)

Social service


Member, IEEE


Journal of Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing

Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Acta Electronica Sinica

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Wireless Self Organizing Network (Ad Hoc/Mesh)

Cognitive and Cooperative Network

Traffic in Wireless Communication

Research Status

1. Joint Research with Industry, “Protocol Testing-bed Design for Wireless Communication System”, Sept. 2009~Aug. 2011, Principle Investigator,

The objective of the project is to build a testing bed to analysis the MAC and Network layers’ protocols of mobile cellular communication system, including 2G/3G/B3G.

2. Joint Research with Docomo, “Coexistent of Marco FDD with Femto TDD cells”, July 2009~July 2010, Principle Investigator,

The objective of the project is to resolve the inter-cell interference problem among the Marco cells and Femto cells by the distributed resource allocation scheme and game theory.

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Research on Relay and Cooperative Communication with Cognitive Radio”, Jan.2009-Dec.2012, Core Research Member,

The objective of the project is to exploit the scientific issues of the relay and cooperative communication in cognitive radio scenarios.

4. Hi-tech Research and Development Program of China (National 863 Project), “Research on Wireless Communication Theory and Technology at High Carrier Spectrum”, Dec. 2008-Dec. 2010, Core Research Member,

The objective of the project is to investigate the basic technologies of wireless transmission with high carrier frequency beyond 8GHz, and develop the L2/L3 protocols for such network.

5. Tsinghua Basic Research Foundation, “Networking Protocol for Wireless Cognitive Network”, Principle Investigator,

In this research, Transmission Reliability based adaptive Routing (TRR) protocol for cognitive radio network is proposed. This TRR protocol takes Signal Stability Routing (SSR) protocol as a framework, using reliability of cognitive inter-node routing path as the routing selection criteria, meanwhile changes would be taken on SSR protocol’s structures and mechanisms to adapt to cognitive network routing characteristics.

6. Joint Research with INTEL, “WiMAX Beyond 802.16e: Client Mesh Networking”, July 2006 – July 2007, Principle Investigator.

A mesh and cellular combination structure is proposed which supports direct data transmission between mobile terminals with the control of the Base Station if possible. This mesh model is easy to achieve, and could improve the system performance such as throughput and propagation delay. With the help of the BS, several key problems in pure wireless mesh network are satisfactorily solved, such as coexistence, interference and billing.

7. Joint Research with NEC, “Ad Hoc VoIP System on Wireless Mesh Networks”, Aug. 2005 – Aug 2006, Joint Principle Investigator,

The objective of this project is to investigate the key technical challenges of the next-generation wireless mesh networks supporting real-time interactive multimedia applications. To be more specific, a distributed radio and channel allocation algorithm is designed for multi-hop ad hoc network, to enhance the performance of the network throughput with the joint optimization of ad-hoc routing protocols.

Honors And Awards

The 2nd Award of Electronic and Information Science and Technology, Electronic Institute of CHINA

Academic Achievement

[1] Ning Hu*, Xiaofeng Zhong, Ming Zhao, and Jing Wang, “Regenerative strategy for sum-rate enhancement in bi-directional three-node cooperation,” High Technol Letters, Volume: 15, Issue: 2, June 2009, Pages: 151-154, EI: 20092812177144

[2] Wang Peng*, Zhong Xiaofeng, Xiao Limin, Zhou Shidong, Wang Jing, Bai Yong, On opportunistic spectrum efficiency in cognitive radio systems, High Technology Letters, Volume: 15, Issue: 2, June 2009, Pages: 170-174, EI: 20092812177147

[3] Peng Wang*, Xiaofeng Zhong, Limin Xiao, Shidong Zhou, Jing Wang, A General Power Allocation Algorithm for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems, IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops, 2009. ICC Workshops 2009, Page(s):1-5

[4] Hu Ning*; Zhong Xiaofeng; Zhao Ming; Wang Jing, Regenerative strategy for fairness in bi-directional three-node relaying, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, E91B (8): 2736-2739 AUG 2008, SCI: 336WD, EI: 20093112226811

[5] Xiaofeng Zhong; Ming Zhao; Shidong Zhou; Xin Su; Jing Wang; Lin Yang, Content Aware Soft Real Time Media Broadcast (CASoRT), 2008 THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING IN CHINA, VOLS 1-3: page 338-342, EI: 20090111839516, ISTP: BIW67

[6] Yingjie Qi*, Xiaofeng Zhong, Jing Wang, A Downlink Radio Resource Allocation Algorithm with Fractional Frequency Reuse and Guaranteed Diverse QoS for Multi-Cell WiMAX System, 2008 THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING IN CHINA, VOLS 1-3: page 276-281, EI: 20090111839504, ISTP: BIW67

[7] Xiaofeng Zhong; Ning Hu*; Jing Wang, Connected Dominating Set in 3-dimensional Space for Ad Hoc Network, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2007. WCNC2007, p.3609~3612, EI:074810946088, ISTP: BHD48

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Patents[1] The method to build the stability adaptive terminal of ad hoc network, Xiaofeng ZHONG, Youzheng WANG, No. 04106371.2/HK1063704

[2] The method to build the virtual backbone of ad hoc network, Xiaofeng ZHONG, Youzheng WANG, No. 200410064253.1

[3] The method and equipment for data transmission control, Fan YANG, Xiaofeng ZHONG, Youzheng WANG, No. 200610006342.X

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