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    Tsinghua University team uses epsilon-near-zero metamaterials to achieve ultra-high density photoelectric computing

    On July 27, the team of associate professor Yue-LI from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, collaborating with the team of assistant professor Jiamin-WU and academician Qionghai-DAI from the Department of Automation, published a research paper entitled “Performing calculus with epsilon-near-zero metamaterials” in Science Advances. And the epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metamaterials are used to perform the calculus operation of analog signals at the sub-wavelength scale. A calculus operation device with high computing density is designed and developed, and a highly integrated image processing system with edge detection function is built. The proposed calculus operation device has the performance advantages of small size, high integration and high computing density, which offers a feasible technical solution for the function development and chip integration of next-generation photoelectric computing systems.

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