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    Tsinghua doctoral student Dou Zhaopeng delivers notable paper and presentation at ICCV2023

    Zhaopeng Dou, a doctoral student from the team led by Shengjin Wang and Yali Li in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, gave an oral presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV2023) on October 6th in Paris.

    His paper, titled “Identity-Seeking Self-Supervised Representation Learning for Generalizable Person Re-identification,” was not merely accepted but also privileged with an oral presentation spot.

    Announced on August 12th, Dou’s paper progressed through a competitive selection process and was nominated among 8,088 submissions to the conference. With a tight acceptance rate of approximately 26.7%, only 2,160 papers were showcased, and a mere 152 of those—a scant 1.9% acceptance rate—were bestowed the honor of an oral presentation, reflecting the significance and outstanding quality of Dou’s contribution to the field.

    ICCV, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is widely acknowledged as  as one of the top three conferences in the field of computer vision and is regarded as the highest-level academic conference by Chinese institutions such as the China Computer Federation.