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    HuaHuishi Technology and DEE Jointly Completed Phase I of Smart Campus Project

    In January 2021, together with China Telecom Foshan Branch, HuaHuishi Technology smoothly completed the project of Phase I of the intelligent comprehensive management platform for campus safety of primary and secondary schools in Foshan City. It completed the building of a smart security campus platform for five symbolic primary and secondary schools of Foshan No. 1 High School, Sanshui Senior High School of Foshan, Yanghe Middle School, Youwei Primary School and Foshan No. 9 Primary School, and achieved good application effects.

    With the industrialization of the AI technology of the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University as its main body, HuaHuishi Technology, since its establishment, relying on the advanced AI technology foundation of the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, and based on the implementation of the AI applications, has completed multiple projects. In December 2018, under the joint witness of the leaders of Tsinghua University and the leaders of Foshan Municipal Government, the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University and Foshan Education Bureau signed an agreement for cooperation. HuaHuishi Technology participated in the construction of the comprehensive management platform for the campus safety of Foshan Education Bureau, and was responsible for the research, development, organization, construction and operation of the platform, serving 1,500 schools in the city and creating intelligent campus safety products for Foshan Education Bureau.

    HuaHuishi Technology mined the emotional and psychological change rules of teachers and students through massive video data to enable the education administrators can predict the emotional development trend of teachers and students and make interventions or early warning, thus preventing teachers and students from internal and external disturbance and even life risks, implementing standardized, digital and intelligent management of the campus safety, and improving the intervenable and controllable coefficient of campus safety management. The business functions of the platform are divided into ten subsystems: safety management subsystem, emergency command subsystem, blacklisted personnel warning, video management, sunshine kitchen and food safety subsystem, school bus driver fatigue driving warning, attendance system, personnel gathering warning, congestion in stairs or falling warning, expression analysis and non-sensing heart rate function.