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    PhD Graduate Chengxi Li Wins the 2022 CESE Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award

    The China Education Society of Electronics (CESE) recently announced the recipients of its Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2022. Chengxi Li, a Tsinghua PhD graduate from the Department of Electronic Engineering, won the Excellence Award for her dissertation titled Study on Sparsity-Driven Methods of Distributed Detection and Recognition. The dissertation was completed under the supervision of Professor Gang Li.

    Established and evaluated by CESE, the CESE Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award aims to continuously improve the postgraduate education system in China. It seeks to enhance the independent training of high-level, innovative professionals in the field of electronic and information technology, encouraging doctoral students to engage in innovative research. Based on the principles of being impartial and encouraging innovation, the expert panel reviewed 118 dissertations, and selected twenty winners for the Excellence Award and ten for the Nomination Award.

    Chengxi Li pursued her PhD degree in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University under the supervision of Professor Gang Li. Their lab has achieved outstanding outcomes in areas including radar signal processing, remote sensing, multi-source information fusion, and data-driven healthcare.

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