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Relying on the "National Key Lab of Microwave and Digital Communication Technology" and "National Lab of Tsinghua Information Science and Technology (in preparation)", the Institute of Microwave & Antenna was separated from the Institute of Communication and Microwave in 2010. It now has 9 faculty members, including 4 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 lecturers and engineers, and 1 administrator. The Institute of Microwave & Antenna now has 34 graduate students and doctoral students.

The Institute has undertaken many national key scientific research projects, including major projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 973 key basic research projects, 863 major projects, and major national R&D projects. In the past five years, the Institute has published more than 100 papers in leading industry magazines and conferences such as IEEE Transactions on Antenna and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, and applied for more than 10 national invention patents.

Professor Feng Zhenghe won the IEEE Fellow, and Li Xiang won the APMC2010 Best Outstanding Student Paper Award

The Institute offers the core course Electromagnetic Field and Wave, limited optional courses such as Microwave Technology, Principle of Antenna, and Microwave Circuit Design for undergraduate students to help them master the basic theoretical knowledge and knowledge and scientific practice method in the field of electromagnetic field and microwave technology. It offers Advanced Electromagnetic Theory, Numerical Algorithm of Electromagnetic Field, New Technologies of Modern Antenna and other courses for graduate students to cultivate their ability to deeply learn advanced theories and technologies in the field of electromagnetic field and microwave technology, and to independently conduct scientific research practice.

Microwave antenna anechoic chamber for smart antenna array measurement, nonlinear modeling software for power amplifier

In scientific research environment and conditions, the Institute has a full set of test instruments such as network analyzer and various corresponding accessories covering 10 MHz-67 GHz, spectrum analyzer, digital frequency counter, noise factor meter, digital signal generator, dynamic signal analyzer, also has an anechoic chamber for antenna measurement with advanced performance, complete electromagnetic field and microwave system EDA software, integrated circuit and system simulation design software, and large-scale parallel computer, so that the development of disciplines can be well met and high-level experiment and research can be conducted.

Cored by the research content of electromagnetic field and microwave technology and facing the needs of emerging or booming industries such as wireless communication, aerospace, electronic countermeasure, and radio frequency chip, the Institute of Microwave & Antenna advocates the combination and promotion of scientific research and application practice and highlights the mutual driving of research of basic theories and development of the electromagnetic application system. It has conducted a large number of research and practical work in antenna and antenna array design, smart antenna system, numerical algorithm of electromagnetic field, integrated chip on-chip interconnection, radio wave propagation and achieved remarkable achievements.

Main research directions of the Institute of Microwave & Antenna are currently as follows:

1. Electromagnetic Field Theory

Basic theory of electromagnetic field, numerical algorithm of electromagnetic field, mechanism of interaction between electromagnetic waves and objects, development of electromagnetic field theory under new frequency, new materials and new technologies.

2. Microwave Circuit Technology

RF, microwave, and millimeter wave devices and circuits, high-speed circuit technology, microwave integrated circuit, microwave circuit CAD, microwave circuit measurement.

Dual frequency Doherty power amplifier, broadband Doherty power amplifier

3. Antenna Theory and Technology

Mobile terminal antenna, high gain antenna, multi-antenna technology, smart antenna, active antenna, antenna measurement technique.

Planar three-stage antenna and cubical antenna array for dense communication, high-gain package antenna integrated with chips

Planar high-gain array antenna and smart antenna system using SIW technology

4. Radio Wave Propagation

Characteristics of wireless communication channels and characteristics of radio wave propagation in a complicated electromagnetic environment.

5. Electromagnetic Metering and Electromagnetic Environment

Electromagnetic metering, chip/circuit/system level electromagnetic compatibility.

6. Applied Electromagnetic System

New broadband wireless communication radio frequency circuit and radio frequency subsystem, reconfigurable and recognizable radio frequency microwave circuit system, UWB, RFID, radar system.

Ground Penetrating Radar System

Staff of the Institute:

Professor: Feng Zhenghe, Zhang Zhijun, Du Zhengwei, Yang Fan

Associate professor: Chen Wenhua, Xu Shenheng

Lecturer: Hao Qing

Postdoctoral fellow: Li Yue, An Wenxing

Visiting scholar: Xin Hao, Chen Ji

Institute of Microwave & Antenna